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Integrative Counsellor, Heart Centered Life Coach, Holistic Practitioner, Adults, Couples & teens

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" I'm a warm and experienced integrative therapist, having practiced for nearly ten years. I'm passionate about working with adults, couples, and young individuals aged 11 and up. My integrative approach stems from being trained in various modalities. This means I tailor my approach to each client, utilising the tools from my toolkit that best suit their needs, rather than trying to fit them into a predefined model. Among the techniques I employ are psychoanalysis, CBT, and EFT, commonly known as tapping. I am a qualified Reiki therapist and can provide massage including Indian Head / Nurturance Massage. Registered with NCPS (The National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society), offering face to face, telephone and online sessions.

I specialise in heart-centered life coaching. This method involves thoroughly examining all aspects of your life and delving into your authentic desires, rather than societal expectations. Drawing from my ten years of therapeutic expertise, I pose thought-provoking questions, provide guidance, and support you in envisioning and manifesting the life you truly want. "

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" Corey’s Reiki sessions are so deeply calming, cleansing and healing. Truly both relaxing and energising at the same time The imagery and energy I have experienced so far have been so familiar and fascinating. I feel the post-treatment messages given to me following our sessions have genuinely helped improve my physical and emotional well-being over the last year."

" Her manner and energy is just gorgeous and I particularly love that she takes my crazy outbursts and multiple questions in her stride!

I don’t know if it’s because she’s also a counsellor or if it’s just her ability to connect with universal energy, but I have been twice now and both times, what we have managed to release has left me walking out considerably calmer, lighter and energised! "

" Corey is an incredible practitioner. I’ve had a couple of reiki sessions and both times have been transcendental as well as completely relaxing, all while making me feel safe and comfortable.

Corey is a true holistic therapist and her sessions reflect this.

One of the things I liked best is how she explains how she will conduct the session before she begins. I’ve had reiki from a number of different practitioners and felt most reassured by hearing how Corey works, really helped me relax."

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