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A powerful lamp designed for optimized light sessions.

With a total power output of 504 watts and advanced features like COB chip integration, an adjustable stand, and a wide spectrum (red: 630, 660, 670) (near-infrared 810, 830, 850nm), it offers unparalleled performance and flexibility.

The lamp's concentrated light emission is powered by a 288W COB chip. It provides specific wavelengths in a balanced ratio and incorporates low flicker and low EMF technology for a soothing experience.


Dimensions: 12x12x3inches

Weight: 4KG


Stay in control with the LCD screen timer/Control Panel. The adjustable stand, made of durable stainless steel coated with plastic, allows you to angle the light beam. It can be easily removed to make the lamp compatible with a larger "light stand" product.

Embrace the benefits of red light with a FIREDRAGON RED LIGHT lamp at home.


Disclaimer: during operation, the lens of this light can become hot and should never come in direct contact with skin or any other surface. 


For the most effective red light therapy sessions, follow these treatment guidelines: Position Yourself 6 Inches from Your Panel: You can sit or stand, but clinical research and user experiences have demonstrated that 6-12 inches is the ideal distance during a treatment.


This item can be rented from The NorthWest Wellbeing Hub for £50 per week as a once off or a rolling subscription. All rentals will require a rental agreement signed on the day with details of a credit or debit card for security deposit. We will also require a drivers license / proof of address.


"This product is a low-risk, general wellness / fitness product that
does not require FDA clearance, in accordance with the “General
Wellness: Policy on Low Risk Devices” draft released January 20,


Price Options
Weekly Rental
£50.00every week until canceled
  • Treatment times for light therapy vary based on the type of treatment, but there are some general rules:

    • Anti-aging light therapy: 3-minute sessions, up to 3 times per day
    • Acne light therapy: 3-minute sessions, up to 3 times per day
    • Pain-relief light therapy: 20-minute sessions, up to 3 times per day

    The short sessions make anti-aging and acne light therapy very easy to incorporate into your regular skincare regimen. Generally, it is recommended that you do not treat any one area more than three times in a 24 hour period.

    And while pain-relief light therapy takes longer, you can still get a full treatment in less time than it takes to stream an episode of your favorite series!

  • Once your session is done, you’ll want to power down the device. Leaving the LEDs on while not in use can be bad for your device. 

    Turning off your device may be as simple as flipping a switch or clicking a button. This may be sufficient, especially if you are using it regularly—either daily, or multiple times a day.  

    However, to help ensure the longest device life, it is always best to completely disconnect your device from its power source between uses. Depending on your device’s power source, this may mean either unplugging it from the power outlet.

    If you think it’s going to be a while before you need your device again, it’s even more important to disconnect the power source.

    When it comes to taking care of your LED device, how you clean it is crucial. Cleanliness ensures a sanitary treatment experience, which is especially important for treating acne or wrinkles around the nose, mouth, or eyes. But a misstep with cleaning products could also lead to electrical issues. You need to be careful managing the contact of any liquids with the lights. Our devices come with clear instructions that detail the cleaning process, so you’ll always have that information handy for reference.  

    Steps to follow when cleaning your light therapy device include:

    • Make sure the device is turned off and unplugged.
    • When removing particles and dust from the LED lights themselves, don’t use any liquids or damp cloths. Instead, use an air blower device (like a blow dryer or the air duster used to clean keyboards).
    • The exterior part of the device is likely made of plastic or neoprene and can be cleaned using a damp cloth or rubbing alcohol; alcohol is better since it disinfects germs.
    • Air-dry the device, or use a clean towel, and make sure the device is completely dry before using it again.
    • Never submerge or saturate your device with water or any other fluid. It is an electrical device, and doing so can cause device failure and personal injury.
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