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London Nootropics x MiiR Travel Coffee Cup + 18 sachets


Our gift box contains a reusable stainless steel coffee cup made in collaboration with MiiR & designed by artist Ellie Heywood. Plus 18 sachets of our 3 adaptogenic coffee blends (6 each).

Blended with the highest-quality adaptogen extracts to help you find your flow – power up with Mojo, find mental clarity with Flow & feel calm & alert with Zen.


Free from preservatives & artificial sweeteners. Just pure natural ingredients.

London Nootropics Travel Coffee Gift Box

  • 12 sachet box

    Flow through your day with our adaptogenic coffee blends.


    Mojo coffee – barista-style coffee, organic dual-extracted cordyceps mushroom extract, siberian ginseng, natural flavouring.

    Flow coffee (formerly Grind) – barista-style coffee, organic dual-extracted lions mane mushroom extract, rhodiola rosea extract, natural flavouring.

    Zen coffee – barista-style coffee, organic ashwagandha root extract, broad spectrum water-soluble CBD (0% THC), natural flavouring.


    add 1 sachet to a mug of hot water and stir well to dissolve. Drink black or add in your favourite milk and enjoy!

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